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Tips on Writing Biography
While starting your story you should keep in mind that your story is going to be read by someone else or by the world as well. Your story should involve the person who is reading that story. It is sure that your story must have some outcome out of it. Or maybe there are chances that your story might not be having any ending. But there is no worries about it but make sure that it must be having some sensible outcome of it. BIOTUFT can give some tips how to start your story, regarding the content, regarding the titles and subtitles of your story, regarding the finishing of the story. Here are some tips regarding your story writing:-
STORY TYPE:- It is big topic to discuss. What you will be writing? As per privacy policy you can’t pick or write other person’s story. It should be related to you only. You can write about the persons who all are involved in it. Your story can be any secret of yours, anything personal which has taught you something. Personal means it can be your love story or family thing. You can write a scary moment which made you scared. Any dream of yours which came true. But all that is it should be real not fake and related to you. You must be having so many stories but pull out the best one out of them. There may so many people in your story before starting your story give a brief of all the characters.
TITLE: - Here comes the very important tip regarding the title of the story. You cannot give any bullshit title to your story. Keep in mind that it is your first step which is going to create an imagination or outline in the mind of reader. This is first step which is going to decide the popularity of story. Title must be like that which can brief your story in few words. Title should not be long, it should be short and crisp and it should be matching to your story.
LANGUAGE OF STORY:- Do not mess up with your story. Write it in easy language so that it can be understood by small children as well. Remember in mind as a common people you are writing this story. And it should reach to every common person’s mind.
BEGINNING OF STORY:- Do not start your story with myself, your birth place or date. In your beginning take out some thrilled moments out of your story. And start with those thrilled lines. So, that it will attract your reader and allow him to move forward. There should be part of introduction but it should be attractive.
LENGTH OF STORY:- Do not make your story so lengthy because there might be chance that it is making your reader boring at some part of time and he may leave your story in between. Your story should not be more than 2500 words. And make sure that you are adding some crisp moments in different paragraphs so that it is forcing your reader to go forward and finish it.
At the time of story finishing you must write the outcome of it, what you have learnt from that story or what that story taught. What changes that story brought in your life. It is for sure that every story must have an ending you can’t leave it in between.
Before writing your story you can refer some novels of authors who had started their story writing in different formats. Various authors have different styles of writing a story and you may find the best one out of it.