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who we are

Q1: What is the concept?
A: As the site is named with Biotuft, it is explaining everything with that single word. It means every single thread of your life (it can be any incident related to your life). So, our concept is bringing all those threads together so that your story can be represented at global level. Many of us must be having some kind of incident which must have changed outlives. So, we are giving platform to those people so that they can represent their selves in front of the world.
Q2: What type of story can be written?
A: You can write any incident which inspired you. But you have to make sure that it is real one and it will not anyone’s personal life. If Biotuft find any kind of unwanted material or anything which is illegal, it has all rights to delete that content without informing you.
Q3: Who can write a story / biography / auto biography?
A: A person who is having story which is real based and it has changed his/her life or it can be their story which has changed other’s life. They all can represent it. As we are repeating this again and again that it should be real that means it should be real not vague.
Q4: Why you charging for the Sign up?
A: There are so many unsocial elements who want to spoil the concept. As we are charging for registration it makes clear that the person who is having a story and wants to represent it on macro base only he/she will be paying that signup amount. If we don’t charge sign up amount then everyone is going to enter the site and can misuse your stories. We try to put this away and trying to keep only real & true stories.
Q5: How long my profile is living on your website after the sign up?
A: At initial phase we will be keeping it for 10years and if we find that your story is getting famous we will be extending this time for 25years and no extra charges will be charged from you.
Q6: Is there any kind of approval process?
A: No, you just have to visit the site and there is a Sign Up column where you have to register yourself.
Q7: We hire someone to right our story or any preferable language?
A: No we don’t have any professional to write your story. It is your story and you are the one who can explain it in much better way like the other cannot do. You can find “TIPS FOR WRITING” on Biotuft. It will give you some idea so that you can bind your story in a single thread and can represent it in front of others. Preferred language is English because as you know it is a business language which is used all over the world. It does not mean that you have to use perfect language to express yourself but it should make sense and your story should express your thoughts. You don’t have to fear about grammatical errors or something you just have to focus on your story.
Q8: Can I promote my story/ biography on social networks?
A: Yes, you can promote your story on all social sites and you can share others as well. But if we find that you are using it for wrong purpose legal actions can taken against you.
Q: 9. Can I write other person's story?
A: Yes, you can there are so many people who are not with you, they can be anyone but their good things are still with us. Yes they are the one who changed you and you can represent this. So, that other people can also get inspired.